Free on the Inside

Our Free on the Inside 2023 annual event was a great opportunity for us to share the news of how expansion will impact Kindway in the next three years.

It is an exciting time as we forecast an explosion of releases in the near future due to recent expansions and increased cohort sizes.

Here, you can see how class sizes have increased over time. Our seasons begin in September and we graduate our classes in June. In ’21-’22, Kindway added a third prison. In ’22-’23, we increased cohort sizes at three prisons. In ’23-’24, we maintained larger cohorts and added a fourth prison. EMBARK is now serving 70 men and women in four prisons each year.
With larger cohort sizes and added prisons, releases are expected to increase significantly in the next three years.
As more people graduate in more prisons, the number of people pending release is increasing as well. Because of this increase, we are working to partner with employers and landlords to accommodate the coming need of our alumni.

We thank God for our financial, employment, housing, church, and volunteer partners who invest so much to ensure that we can continue providing services to our brothers and sisters impacted by incarceration.

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